Our Mission Statement

Loving Him…

Loving Them…

Changing Lives!

This is our mission at Schomburg Road Baptist Church. Everything we do is driven from these six short words. By understanding this statement you will better understand who we are.

In Loving Him, we will seek to love our Lord with all of our heart, mind, and soul. This includes being in the center of His will at all times. It is our purpose to glorify Him in all that we do in worship and service.

We can be about Loving Them because He first loved us. In all that we do, we desire to be vessels of His love. Starting with our families, to our neighbors, and to all of the world.

God is in the business of Changing Lives. We seek to see God change the lives of others by our influence and leadership through a growing relationship at all levels. This mission will be accomplished by pointing people towards and introducing them to Jesus Christ. As the relationship grows, we will seek to teach, disciple, and mentor the people God brings our way. We want to help them in their hurts and to cope with all of life’s opportunities. It is our desire to role model as individuals and a church a life that lives for Christ in the power of His Spirit through His Word. In short: “Preach to many, teach to some, disciple a few, and mentor one to one.”

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Buddy Lamb